Current Students: Select Students Bios

Arnie Dupuy
Arnie Dupuy has interests in energy security, counterinsurgency and stability operations, and NATO expeditionary contingencies. He has participated in numerous table top exercises, conferences and seminars, in both the private and public sectors, which have addressed the topic of energy security. He is awaiting conferral of a MA degree in Strategic Security Studies from the National Defense University in Washington, DC. He also holds a MA in International Trade and Commerce from George Mason University. Recently retired from the United States Army after 25 years of active and reserve component service, Arnie¹s last assignment was as an artillery trainer to the Afghan National Army (ANA). He is an analyst at Analytic Services, Inc. (ANSER) in Shirlington, Virginia.

Adna Karamehic
Adna Karamehic-Oates is a program coordinator for Central/Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union at the Open Society Institute. In this capacity, she is responsible for promoting open societies in the program's six-country region in Southern Central and Eastern Europe (Albania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Moldova, Romania, Slovakia) and identifying possible partners for Open Society network projects. Her advocacy portfolio includes working with the U.S. Congress and other Washington-based policy makers to inform and influence U.S. policy toward Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, as well as managing the Open Society Institute’s project on the Millennium Challenge Account. Prior to joining OSI, Adna was a translator for the World Bank and lectured French at the University of Kentucky. A native of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Adna volunteers as director of communications and treasurer for a Bosnian diaspora organization in Washington, D.C. She completed both her undergraduate and graduate studies at the University of Kentucky, earning an M.A. in International Development from the Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce, an M.A. in French, and a B.A. in International Economics and French. Her research interests at Virginia Tech center on national identity in the Balkans in the context of European and EU integration.

Daniel R. Little
Dan Little’s expertise in the convergence of technologies originated during his earlier military career.  As a U.S. Army officer, Dan worked every echelon of the Modeling and Simulation field from individual to multi-national coalition.  Since retirement, Dan advises clientele on the use of scientific applications on issues of counterterrorism, homeland security and nation building and reconstruction.  With experience and active contacts across four continents and the Middle East, Dan remains in international demand as a lecturer, speaker and coordinator.  Dan’s education includes Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Evanston, Illinois; the Wissenschaftliche Hochschule fuer Unternehmensfuehrung’s (Otto Beisheim Graduate School of Business), Vallendar, Germany and Saint Catherine’s College, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom.  Dan’s academic interests involve the decisional constructs used in international security.

Greg Pece
Greg Pece is a U.S. Air Force pilot currently stationed at Andrews Air Force Base, MD. He is also a Sub-Sahara Africa International Affairs Specialist for the Air Force, having served as a military attache in Ghana as well as Pakistan. He earned an undergraduate degree in physics from the US Air Force Academy followed by an MA in political science from Virginia Tech. He is interested in issues related to development, Sub-Saharan Africa/South Asia development and security, peacekeeping, post-colonial studies, and issues related to modernity and risk, particularly as the latter relate to policy development.



Bryan Riddle
Bryan Riddle is senior defense policy analyst, currently serving at the Pentagon. A former field artillery officer, Bryan has experience working in a variety of defense and security related arenas including: acquisition, military transformation, security cooperation planning, and planning at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels. He completed his undergraduate work at the US Military Academy and his Master’s at Troy University. Bryan is specifically interested in conducting research on global conflicts and the global security environment.

Donald Tighe
Donald Tighe is a Ph.D. candidate with a focus on international security in the Virginia Tech School of Public and International Affairs' Globalization and Governance program. His research focus includes the evolving international security agenda, conflict resolution, and public diplomacy. Recent professional work has included directing strategic communications in the national security and science & technology fields in both the public and private sectors. His early career included work in political journalism, including serving as managing editor of the daily political newswire The Hotline and other publications. Donald earned a Masters in Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School, and  a Bachelors degree in economics and political science from Duke University.


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